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The hassles of life can get us all feeling hopeless. Many don't turn to an attorney because they don't know one, feel they can't afford one, or that none of us listen or care.

I am committed to making your problem my problem, and coming up with the best possible solution at a price you can afford.

Stop Debt Collection

Your phone rings and you check the number. Since you don’t recognize the caller, you don’t answer the phone. Rinse and repeat the next day. The messages from bill collectors are filling your voice mail. If you do answer your phone, you are threatened with jail, asked to write a post-dated check, or told that your family and friends will be called. Under the West Virginia Consumer Credit and Protection Act, these calls are likely illegal. Be wary of “debt consolidation” programs which may harm your credit rating future and do nothing to reduce the money you owe under the guise of lower monthly payments. You can get control of your financial future and end these calls by contacting me.