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The hassles of life can get us all feeling hopeless. Many don't turn to an attorney because they don't know one, feel they can't afford one, or that none of us listen or care.

I am committed to making your problem my problem, and coming up with the best possible solution at a price you can afford.

Jason T. Gain

I wasn’t always a lawyer. I worked in information technology in my younger career before going back to school. I understand what it is like to be treated unfairly and be in what seems like a hopeless position. My goal is to provide a good life for my daughter and at the same time help the people of North Central West Virginia who face difficult situations.

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In order to do this, I’ve taken the step of starting my own firm. If you have started your own business, you know it is a mixture of excitement and dread. Many who go to law school want to change the world, but of those: half will fail, the other half will fail miserably, and the other half will make it worse. I’ll change my part of the world by helping the community I grew up in, and doing my small part to make the world my daughter grows up in a just a bit better for my contribution.
One hundred and fifty years ago, Abraham Lincoln reinforced the notion that our government is one “of the people, by the people, and for the people.” It should never become one of lawyers, by lawyers, and for lawyers. As an officer of the court, I merely represent my clients and don’t pretend to rise above them. If you choose me as your representative, you will choose an attorney who puts you first, and I will devote all of my energy to see that your interests are protected within the bounds of the law.
Since starting my practice, I have helped hundreds of criminal defendants navigate their way through the legal system. No matter what you may have done, I will provide you with my very best effort to ensure that you are treated fairly.
No attorney can promise that he or she will “win” your case. As any attorney who is honest will tell you: We can only work with the facts we are given. If you shot someone in front of one hundred people, including a priest and several nuns, you will almost certainly be convicted even if you have Johnny Cochran as your lawyer. Sometimes a “win” is putting what happened in the past behind you so that you can move on with a fresh start.
However, sometimes the police make some egregious mistakes in handling your case. If they do not follow the proper procedures, the evidence in your case may be suppressed. The prosecutor may have overreached and charged you with a felony when your conduct was actually a misdemeanor.

In family law cases, I have helped many people get out of violent and abusive situations. I have counseled children to place them in an environment that is free from abuse and neglect. I have also defended parents who have wrongfully been accused of neglecting their children.
If you choose to retain our firm as your legal representation, you will have advocates who understand where you are in your life and will fight heart and soul to achieve the best possible outcome.
I have enjoyed the time working as an attorney in West Virginia and look forward to continuing to do so for many years to come.